Removing Fascism from The German Cannabis Discussion

At a time when the United States is celebrating a nail-biting democratic transfer of power, a move is afoot in Germany to face, finally, the last vestiges of Nazi influence. And while at first glance it may sound “trivial” to Germans and Auslanders (foreigners) alike, it is not. Its impact on the cannabis industry might also be highly and positively disruptive.

Nazi Influence Lingers On in Germany

Many people still do not understand the lengths to which the Third Reich went to create an alternative universe of “facts” but their efforts look terrifyingly pre-Trumpian in the present. Indeed, this was the group of people who believed, literally, in the dominance of a white, Aryan, “Master Race,” and their efforts were terrifying just because they are even today, so enduring. Their assault on history was also a blitzkrieg on reality.

The impact of the Nazi purge and “education” on daily life included everything from banning people to naming conventions and, quite deliberately, creating an alternative universe of facts. This included banning whole areas of science, starting with the foundational vow of doctors to do no harm. The term “Nazi doctor,” even today is to describe a collection of highly trained people

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