Quebec Dispensaries Close Three Days a Week Due to Major Product Shortages

Only a week ago, Canada celebrated and rang in its legalization of marijuana. Rolling papers had Bill C-45 printed on them. Dispensaries opened doors in Newfoundland, Ontario, Alberta– and essentially every province. Even the first indigenous-owned and run medical marijuana dispensary has been licensed and set to open. People in Canada and elsewhere logged in to social media, tweeting and creating memes to both applaud and criticize the country’s new system. And though legalization still stands as a serious achievement for Canada, it certainly isn’t perfect. In fact, the glaring issues continue to pile up. And most frustrating, the country now copes with shortages in supply while the demand continues to increase.

For some provinces, like Quebec, they have found a temporary solution to this issue. Rather than keeping doors open with empty shelves, dispensaries in Quebec will close three days a week.

Too Good to Be True- Ganja Grievances

Putting into effect this major national law deserves praise. But many Canadians aren’t singing the same sweet tune they sang while pushing for this law. Since October 17, Canadians all over the nation have taken on the surprisingly complex task of learning where they can actually get weed. When they

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