Push for Cannabis Bio-Medical Innovations as Covid-19 Spreads in Africa

CANNABIS CULTURE – Gogo Maseko, head of South Africa’s Traditional Herbalists Organization and a member of South Africa’s Science Ministry Indigenous Bio-Innovation Consortium, is angry and pleads, “Give us the right to tinker with cannabis and explore medical solutions for side-effects of a range of illnesses; flu, diabetes or Covid-19.”

After a slow start, Covid-19 is now infecting people rampantly and rapidly across Africa. While 500-thousand have been sickened so far across the continent, South Africa has now emerged as a global hot stop of the pandemic with a record day infection surges of 10-thousand on 7 July. It is in South Africa that medical cannabis is actively touted as worthy a clinical exploration to relieve symptoms of the illness because right now there is no credible vaccine put out yet by global phamaeuticals or endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). Yet, South Africa is the third-most biodiverse country in the world, says Dr. Nzimbande, South Africa´s minister of science and innovation. There is no reason why the cannabis plant cannot be put under clinical trials to help with a range of respiratory infections, he says.

“I am angry, frustrated that medical herbalists who have used cannabis for up

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