Police: Bank robbery suspect used cash for vape supplies – Idaho State Journal

The suspect in Tuesday’s bank robbery was arraigned Thursday.

Craig Blankenship, 36, originally was supposed to be arraigned Wednesday, but when his turn came in court, he refused to participate.

According to an Idaho Falls Police Department report Blankenship entered the Bank of Commerce at 9:27 a.m. and handed a note to teller demanding that she give him all the money she could in $100s, $50s and $20s. He handed the woman shopping bags to load the cash.

The victim told police she complied out of fear, saying his appearance and demeanor made it seem he would escalate to violence.

The report states Blankenship became angry with the small amount placed in the bags. The victim showed him she had no more $50s and $20s in her drawer, and he told her to put the remaining cash in the bags. An audit of the drawer determined Blankenship stole $1,672.

Police were able to identify Blankenship by a tattoo seen by one of the bank employees.

After leaving

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