Playboy Documentary About Mickey—The Pope of Dope—Cesar is Joyful, And Leaves Us Wanting More

CANNABIS CULTURE –  “There are certain figures in the history of marijuana that loom large—that no one is aware of. I want to make sure that they are not forgotten,” says Nico Ponce de Leon Dios, Co-Founder of Foxy and Executive Producer of the short film, The Pope Of Dope: The Story of NYC’s First Delivery Service.

But the homage was perhaps too short. The film’s length of six minutes and thirty-four seconds is not nearly enough to fully capture Cesar’s contribution to the cannabis industry. 

Moreover, his contribution to a community.

Clayton Patterson

Clayton Patterson, Artist, Documentarian, and friend to Cesar, told Cannabis Culture that, “Mickey was very generous. And he had all these sort of crazy ideas, like people could have healthcare and stuff.” 

He added that Cesar “made a lot of money on pot. And he spent a lot of money on people.”

The First Cannabis Couriers of NYC

Cesar ran his popular cannabis delivery service in the city’s Lower East Side at a time when people who enjoyed some green every now and again were as at odds with the police as people who pushed heroin.

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