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Philip Morris to Quit Cigarettes, Not Tobacco

Philip Morris Int’l (PM) is taking a break from cigarettes.

On its website, the largest publicly traded tobacco company explains that it plans to help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes in the hopes of replacing them with smoke-free alternatives like e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products. They took out full-page ads in newspapers in the U.K., claiming it’s working toward a smoke-free future where it doesn’t sell traditional cigarettes, according to Fast Company.

While Philip Morris is giving up cigarettes, it’s not giving up tobacco. The company claims that cigarette alternatives are less harmful and that it “can achieve a significant public-health benefit only when a large number of these smokers switch from cigarettes to better products.”

While this is a long way from the years when cigarette company heads paraded in front of Congress claiming that tobacco is not addictive, the idea that some tobacco products are safer or less harmful than others is potentially “misleading,” according to the World Health Organization, Fast Company noted.

Global e-cigarette sales amount to about

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