Parents warned about students' vaping – WISN Milwaukee

Parents are being warned about the dangers of students vaping or using electronic cigarettes to get a nicotine high in school.

Homestead High School Principal Brett Bowers emailed a message to parents Monday saying the school is cracking down.


E-cigarette user Shay Jarm said she thinks it’s a good idea for schools to warn parents about kids vaping. She started smoking cigarettes at the age of 13.

“I think there’s harm in kids starting smoking no matter how they’re doing it because it harmed me personally,” Jarm said.

Jarm said her health improved when she switched from smoking cigarettes to e-cigarettes. But she said neither should be an option for young teens.

“I don’t think any 18-year-old or under 18-year-old she be making that decision,” Jarm said.

Bowers told parents that some of the electronic nicotine delivery devices “are easily concealed, can be hidden in pens and highlighters, and are often mistaken for a flash drive.”

School officials said if a student is caught vaping or possessing vaping materials there will be consequences

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