Ontario Cannabis Recall Due to Mold Extended to B.C.

Last week, recreational cannabis consumers in the Canadian province of Ontario started noticing moldy buds. Officials quickly issued a product recall on the damaged and potentially harmful marijuana. Now, it turns out the compromised product has extended far beyond Ontario and is showing up in parts of British Columbia. As a result, the recall has also extended to include both Ontario and British Columbia.

Moldy Marijuana in Canada

According to Canadian news source, Global News, word of the moldy weed first started showing up on a Reddit thread. In addition to mold, many customers said they found tiny bugs in their weed.

After complaints began surfacing online, investigations quickly revealed that the contaminated bud comes from a company called RedeCan Pharm.

This company reportedly provides cannabis to the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). Additionally, it also provides product to British Columbia’s Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB). Both OCS and LDB are primary recreational marijuana retailers in their respective provinces.

Initially, complaints of moldy or bug-infested cannabis came primarily from consumers in Ontario. But more recently, the same complaints have been coming from consumers in British Columbia.

That means that RedeCan Pharm’s voluntary recall—originally issued for more than 900 ounces of weed in Ontario—has

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