One Nation Under A Groove (In a Divided US, Cannabis Brings Us All Together)

CANNABIS CULTURE –  “In reality, who won big on election night? Definitely cannabis,” according to Partner and Chair of the cannabis practice at Greenspoon Marder Law Firm, Rachel K Gillette. “Cannabis is an issue that unites all political persuasions.” 

Partner and Chair of the cannabis practice at Greenspoon Marder Law Firm, Rachel K Gillette

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Arizona, South Dakota, Montana, and New Jersey; and medical marijuana was legalized in Mississippi. With the exception of New Jersey, these are all traditionally conservative states when it comes to weed, with past resolutions failing.

While people and politicians have differences on how cannabis laws should be handled, the general consensus is evolving. And the tumult of 2020 has, without question, played a role in swaying voter opinions. 

Lobbyists embraced the notion of criminal justice reform in a year when it is on the forefront of the American conscience; new forms of tax revenue are a welcome relief for state economies that have been ravaged by COVID-19; and the end of prohibition means people can freely destress during one of the most stressful times in US history.

Regarding inevitable Federal reform,

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