One Cream For All My Skin Care Needs – 2G2BTRU?

SPONSORED POST – As someone with dry and acne-prone skin I struggle to find products to address all my needs. 

Most often it’s a choice between multiple treatments that don’t always interact well OR high-dollar “miracle” creams that pretty much always over stimulate my skin and cause breakouts. BUT — I tried 2G2BTRUs AM-PM daily moisturizing cream – and was absolutely blown away by the results.

To get the full effect, I stopped my regular skincare regimen (one exception – my “can’t live without it” eye cream) and switched to the 2G2BTRU as directed in the morning and night.

This was my first CBD infused skin product and I was excited to give it a shot. Especially since I have experienced the miracles and mysteries of CBD in other health and wellness products.

The first impression, I immediately noticed how lightweight the cream felt on my skin. As someone with sensitive skin, reactions, redness and greasy residuals are always an issue with new products — NOT this time. 

I was pleasantly surprised that this lightweight cream was non-reactive and, even better calmed my often irritable face.

After just three days I saw a noticeable difference in my skin texture becoming

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