Ohio’s Governor Just Signed a Bill Legalizing the Sale of Hemp and CBD

Republican Gov. Mike DeWine of Ohio signed a bill on Tuesday that legalizes hemp agriculture and sales of products made from the crop, including CBD. The measure, Senate Bill Number 57, decriminalizes hemp cultivation and establishes a system to license growers and processors. DeWine signed the bill on Tuesday morning during an appearance at the Ohio State Fair.

The bill also removes hemp derivatives other than THC from the state’s list of controlled substances, opening the door in Ohio for legal sales of CBD oil for use as a dietary or health supplement. Under previous state law, hemp was a Schedule I controlled substance like all other varieties of the plant Cannabis sativa. Senate Bill 57 amended state law so that it now conforms with the federal legalization of hemp passed by Congress with the 2018 Farm Bill.

S.B. 57 also requires that CBD oil previously confiscated be returned to the seller, provided that the product conforms with federal law. In August of last year, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy released a statement requiring CBD products to be sold only at state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. That decision led many retailers to pull CBD products from their shelves while some openly

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