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Vaping concentrates – or “dabbing” — has become significantly more popular in recent years, especially among those that use cannabis for medicinal purposes. In order to vaporize cannabis concentrates it requires quite a bit of heat, something that you’re not going to be able to do with a lighter alone.

The only source of heat that can get your pipe hot enough to dab is a blowtorch, and for many of us (especially the less coordinated among us) that’s frankly just a bit too extreme. Ending up with third-degree burns doesn’t sound like our idea of fun at all, and we’re not even touching on the fact that hauling around dab rig and a blowtorch is neither easy nor discreet.

Vape pens have sprung up as an answer to this problem, and have become quite popular as a method to dab on the go. They fit in your pocket, deliver long life without the need for recharging, and you can’t burn yourself with them (well, usually). There’s hundreds of choices though, and unfortunately that means there are a lot of

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