New Zealanders Eye Opportunities as Vote on Cannabis Legalization Nears

CANNABIS CULTURE – New Zealand is set to vote next week on the legislation of a new adult use cannabis program.

Activists, people and politicians have argued the legal framework will create opportunity where once there was only despair.

“I hope to see our people thriving on their land not behind bars for the use of Cannabis,” says Anituhia McDonald, Member of the Aotearoa Legalize Cannabis Party and Candidate for Te Tai Tonga.

“Obviously there is a high rate of Māori using Cannabis or they seem to be the only ones getting caught. The legalization will reduce these number and give them opportunity to start a business that is legal.” 

Indigenous Maori people have been struggling under the old system for decades and remain over-represented in the criminal justice system for cannabis crimes.

Anituhia McDonald; Member of the Aotearoa Legalize Cannabis Party and Candidate for Te Tai Tonga.

Cannabis has had a strong and colorful past in NZ with historical figures such as Saint Suzanne Auburt arriving in NZ in 1860 and providing home grown cannabis remedies whilst taking care of orphans and the sick, and The New Zealand

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