New Mexico Lawmakers File Recreational Legalization Bill

New Mexico could be the next state to legalize cannabis, as two recreational bills were just introduced into the state Senate this week and are already being looked at favorably by advocates, legislators, and even the governor. 

These two bills take different approaches, one a bit more conservative than the other. The first, Senate Bill 288, takes the more conservative approach, as it would require a mile between dispensaries, making sure that there isn’t too heavy a concentration of neighborhoods selling cannabis. It would also impose an excise tax of 2 percent to cannabis sales in order to make revenue for the state, which, like the rest of the country, is hurting after COVID. 

“Legalization is coming, and as a state, we must get ahead of the issue and pass legislation that does not harm our communities,” said Senator Cliff Pirtle regarding how he wants to see cannabis regulated in New Mexico. Pirtle feels that, with the impending legislation at the national level and Biden in office, as well as all of the other states that have legalized, legal cannabis in New Mexico is the next logical step. 

The other bill, Senate Bill 13, which is backed by the New

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