New Bill in Michigan Would Prohibit Home-Grown Cannabis

A bill introduced in the Michigan Senate would prohibit the home cultivation of marijuana as allowed with the passage of Proposal 1 by voters in the Nov. 6 election. Senate Majority Leader Arlan Meekhof said on Thursday that he does not want home growers to flood Michigan’s neighborhoods with cannabis.

“People don’t get to make alcohol and serve it in unregulated bars to anyone they want to. Homegrown marijuana is basically unregulated,” Meekhof said. “It should be in some regulated form, so we have consistency and safety. It’s a mind-altering substance like alcohol. It should be somehow controlled.”

Proposal 1, which was adopted with 56 percent of the vote in this month’s midterm elections, permits adults 21 and older to cultivate only 12 plants at a time and prohibits them from selling their harvest. Home growers are permitted to give cannabis to other adults as gifts. Cannabis consumption lounges are permitted by the initiative, but only with approval and special zoning from the local jurisdiction. The new law will go into effect on Dec. 6.

Jeffrey Hank, the director of MiLegalize, a group that campaigned for the passage of Proposal 1, characterized Meekhof’s bill as “lame-duck mischief.”

“He’s really being totalitarian if he thinks

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