Nassau lawmakers slated to vote on vape product bill – News 12 Long Island


Nassau County legislators are expected to vote Monday on a proposal that would force local vape shops to keep e-cigarettes and other vape products behind the counter, essentially out of the view of kids.

Legislators say the flavored e-liquids for e-cigarettes and vape devices are targeted toward kids.

Legislator Arnold Drucker and other local politicians say that pulling the products from the front of shelves will keep them away from children.

But Hicksville vape shop owner Matt Flax says politicians shouldn’t be telling business owners what to do. He says his shop asks for ID, and anyone who’s not of age can’t buy anything under the law.

The vote comes after the county recently passed a law that changed the age to buy tobacco products to 21.

Drucker says if the measure is passed tomorrow, the new legislation could go into effect quickly.

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