Mysterious Incident at E-Cig Plant Left 29 Sick, Fire Chief “Bewildered” – Geek

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More than two dozen people are in the hospital after an incident at an e-cig factory in Massachusetts. First responders arrived to tackle a potential chlorine leak. Chlorine, for those unfamiliar with the history of chemical weapons or… bleach is toxic AF. Hazmat teams arrived, did their jobs, and left after about five hours. A bit later, though, employees of the plant called back, saying that there was “mass hysteria” and that several had fallen ill.

Hazmat found no traces of the chlorine — and even if they had, this isn’t really what chlorine does.

“It’s not a standard thing by any means.” Fire Chief Gerry Giunta told Gizmodo. “I’m kind of bewildered at it because there were zero readings when we left. I’m at a loss to tell you exactly what happened.”

A spokesperson for Massachusetts fire services said the crews left the plant a second time after another five-ish hours.

“Entry teams covered the entire building with a variety of meters and found no contaminant that would be hazardous,” she said.“New carpeting

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