My Kid Ate One of My Edibles: Now What Do I Do?

Discovering that your cat or dog has found its way into your stash of edibles is one thing. Unfortunately, reports of people’s kids mistakenly (or otherwise) eating some exclusively adult treats are growing all the time. 

Truth is, it’s far from uncommon for weed-friendly households to eventually succumb to this kind of eventuality. Hence, it’s essential to know exactly how to act if you suspect your child (or any child) has accidentally consumed a weed edible.

Prompt action holds the key to ensuring things and well – don’t waste time running around in circles!

Realistically, it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep your edibles away from anyone and anything they pose a potential threat to. If that particular ship has sailed, you need to know what to do to ensure they’re ok.

Which, for the most part, means taking the following steps immediately after noticing a suspected edible incident:

1. Make Sure it Wasn’t Your Dog (Or Anyone Else)

Before flying into a fit of blind panic, consider for just a second or two whether it was definitely your kid that ate the edible. Are you 100% sure you didn’t just move them somewhere else and forgot about it?

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