Most Germans Still Oppose Cannabis Legalization

While Germany is slowly becoming more accepting of cannabis, like most other places in the world, most Germans of voting age still oppose legal cannabis, even if only by a slim margin.

Infratest dimap, a poll agency in Germany and a part of Hanfverband, released the results of the survey detailing opinions on legalization. Paired with the latest parliamentary vote, this may be evidence that legal cannabis may not be ready to come to the country just yet. While there are economic and medical opportunities to be gained, voters and politicians aren’t quite ready to go there. 

The survey posed the question of whether cannabis should be legal but regulated, similar to countries like Canada. The results were 51 percent “no”, and 46 percent “yes”; a tilt that shows most legal voters do not want legal cannabis. 

However, all is not totally lost, as these numbers are better than 2019. The numbers also provided some valuable information about the people who would need to be convinced in order to make cannabis legalization  reality. More women than men oppose legal cannabis in Germany, and eastern Germans are more likely to oppose cannabis legalization. Older folks are also less likely to back

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