More Than One Billion Euros of Cocaine Seized in Historic German Drug Bust

German law enforcement officials are preening their feathers today after the country’s biggest cocaine bust in history. But don’t get too excited, because they also say that the size of the haul means that South American drug cartels are getting ballsier about the quantity of controlled substances they’re smuggling to ports in the region.

“Assuming that this likely high-purity cocaine can be cut to triple the amount for street sale, the 4.5 tonnes has a street value of approximately €1 billion,” wrote the Hamburg customs department in a communiqué on the matter. That’s over a billion US dollars.

The drugs were sent from Montevideo, Uruguay, and hidden in 211 black sports bags that had been packed inside a shipping container and labeled as soybeans. They were uncovered during a routine shipment check.

Agency officials now say that the contraband has been destroyed “amid strict secrecy and extensive security precautions,” and that officials are now concerned with investigating the intended recipients of the container in Antwerp, Belgium.

This is also not the first massive drug bust in what we’ve seen of the summer so far. In Philadelphia, officials seized $1 billion in cocaine off of the MSC Gayane, an amount that

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