Mistaking gas for brake, driver slams through front of Independence vape shop – Kansas City Star

A car slammed through the front of an Independence e-cigarette shop Wednesday morning, causing extensive damage but injuring no one, according to store employees.

It was about 10:45 a.m. when the car rammed through the storefront, said Kyle Constant, an assistant manager at the Aqueous Vapor store at 3709 S. Noland Road. The car wound up stuck with its front end inside the store.

The driver of the car said she accidentally hit the gas when she meant to hit the brake, according to witnesses.

Joey Powers, a manager at the nearby Batteries + Bulbs store, said he was helping customers when he heard a loud crash and smelled burning rubber.

“She hit it really hard,” Powers said. “There were bricks halfway out in the parking lot.”

It was lucky no one was badly hurt, he said.

“She mowed over a couple of couches and a mini fridge, but really nothing important,” he said.

Staff continued to help customers even while the car was still jammed through the storefront.

A short time later, the store

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