Minnesota Lawmakers Introduce Legislation to Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

State lawmakers in Minnesota introduced legislation on Monday that would legalize the recreational use of cannabis by adults. The bills are sponsored in the Minnesota Senate by Sen. Melisa Franzen and Sen. Scott Jensen and by Rep. Mike Freiberg in the Minnesota House of Representatives.

If successful, the bills would make it legal for adults at least 21 years of age to use, possess, purchase, and cultivate cannabis. The state would license and regulate and tax cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, and retailers and enact health and safety rules including lab testing and packaging requirements. The Minnesota Department of Health would regulate dispensaries and a system would be implemented to track the production of commercial cannabis from seed to sale. The industry would be prohibited from using marketing targeting teens, and local governments would be allowed to regulate cannabis sales and production in their communities.

Prohibition More Problem Than Solution

Freiberg said in a press release that it is time for the state to move beyond cannabis prohibition.

“Minnesota’s outdated prohibition policy has become more of a problem than a solution,” Freiberg said. “It is forcing marijuana into a shady underground market, which creates more potential harm for consumers and communities than marijuana itself. Regulating marijuana would make

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