Michigan Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Release Marijuana Prisoners

Democratic lawmakers in Michigan have introduced a bill that would release from prison offenders convicted of committing certain marijuana crimes. The measure, House Bill 6508, would also reduce the prison sentences for other cannabis-related offenses.

If enacted, the bill would “provide for the release of prisoners convicted of certain offenses from imprisonment; to provide for the process by which a prisoner may seek relief; and to provide for the powers and duties of certain state and local governmental officers and entities,” according to the text of the measure.

The measure would require those currently incarcerated to petition the state parole board to determine if they are eligible for release. If the parole board determines that a petitioner is serving a sentence “based on the use, possession, or distribution of marihuana that has been entirely decriminalized, the parole board must order the petitioner to be immediately released from incarceration.”

If the parole board denies a petition submitted by a prisoner for relief under the act, the decision may be appealed to the director of the department of corrections.

The bill was introduced on Nov. 27 in the Michigan House of Representatives and was introduced by state representatives Sylvia Santana, D-Detroit; Kevin Hertel,

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