Michigan Approves 11 New Conditions for Medical Marijuana Program

Michigan has a relatively strong and active medical marijuana scene. Now, patients in the state will enjoy expanded access with the 11 new qualifying conditions.

Michigan’s New Qualifying Medical Conditions

Prior to the new expansion, patients in Michigan could qualify for medical marijuana if they had one of several conditions. These included illnesses like PTSD, cancer, glaucoma, HIV, Hepatitis C, ALS, and several others.

While that list covered numerous patients in the state, many have been calling for extending access to a larger number of patients. It appears that the state government listened.

The new health conditions that qualify for medical marijuana in Michigan are:

Arthritis Autism Chronic pain Colitis Inflammatory bowel disease Obsessive-compulsive disorder Parkinson’s Rheumatoid arthritis Spinal cord injuries Tourette’s syndrome Ulcerative colitis

As reported by local news sources, the change to Michigan’s list of qualifying health conditions goes into effect immediately. And while this new law will certainly increase the number of patients who qualify for medical marijuana, it doesn’t cover everything.

In fact, there were 11 other conditions being considered. These included anxiety, asthma, diabetes, depression, and a variety of other issues. None of these 11 were added to Michigan’s list of qualifying health conditions.


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