Medical Marijuana Delivery Approved in Michigan

Marijuana laws in Michigan continue to change. Earlier this month, voters said yes to a proposal that will make recreational cannabis legal. And now, lawmakers in the state have approved a new set of rules for the state’s medical marijuana program. The most significant change is that dispensaries will now be able to deliver medical marijuana directly to patients’ homes.

Michigan’s New Medical Marijuana Rules

Earlier today, Michigan’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules officially approved new medical cannabis regulations. This agency oversees rules and regulations proposed and implemented by other agencies in the state.

For the most part, the new medical marijuana rules reflect the bulk of the legal frameworks already in place. But there are a couple key changes. Most importantly, the new regulations allow medical marijuana dispensaries to offer home delivery services.

Of course, to qualify for delivery, you must be a legally qualified patient with a medical marijuana card. For legal medical marijuana patients, home delivery services could be a big step toward making cannabis more accessible.

Dispensaries will now be allowed to deliver as much as 2.5 ounces of medical cannabis per patient. Additionally, delivery people will limited 10 deliveries at a time.

The changes come

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