Massachusetts May Outlaw Driving with an Open Container of Cannabis

Massachusetts’ Special Commission on Operating Under the Influence and Impaired Driving issued a report on Wednesday recommending that those who refuse roadside drug tests should have their license suspended for six months– the same punishment for drivers who turn down breathalyzer tests. The report will be delivered to the Massachusetts legislature to be considered in the state’s ongoing law-making process.

The commission was established by Massachusetts’ recently passed cannabis laws, which resulted in $2 million in sales within less than a week of operation. The group’s members are attorneys, law enforcement officials, human rights advocates, and other professionals associated with cannabis policy. Their main tasks are to examine drug test techniques, drivers’ rights, determine court-admissible evidence, testing costs, police burden, and other issues.

Another recommendation put forward by the commission was an “open container” law similar to that of alcohol. It would foist a $500 fine on anyone caught driving with an unsealed cannabis product container in the car. “You give out a few $500 tickets, I’m not saying people won’t do weed, but they won’t do it in a car,” said John Scheft, an attorney member of the commission.

The commission unanimously approved the suggestion, though there were some questions

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