Massachusetts Dispensaries Sue Over Home Delivery Rules

Massachusetts cannabis dispensaries are currently suing the state over the new, contentious, delivery regulations. 

Specifically, the dispensaries involved in the suit have a problem with the fact that only certain disenfranchised business owners will be able to deliver cannabis for the first three years, in order to try and make the industry more equitable. 

The regulations were put in place by the Cannabis Control Commission last year, and they specify two types of cannabis licenses. One allows couriers to provide delivery for dispensaries, and the other allows companies to purchase product and keep it in a warehouse to then deliver it to customers. 

While that created quite a diverse pool of options for those looking to dip their toes into delivery, existing dispensaries and other parties who are not disenfranchised but want to get into the industry are upset that they will not have a chance at the application process until at least three years down the road. 

The applicants who qualify for the program fall under the umbrella of either the social equity program or the economic empowerment program. 

The Controversy Behind The Lawsuit

Many, including social equity advocates, are excited about this move, because it means those who

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