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A new slew of products have launched into the cannabis industry with the goal of becoming part of the new mainstream market on pot. Many of these new products have been made with medicinal patients in mind, helping to solve a range of issues from anxiety to acne and beyond.

Beauty products in the weed industry are something that are not as highly talked about as other products due to the fact that they don’t always give the user the high feeling that they desire. One of the main benefits of these products is that often, they don’t need a prescription to be purchased. The era of marijuana infused beauty products seems to be upon us as they are more popular than ever. The past couple years have been crucial to the development of these new cannabis products. With researchers and labs working on new ways to implement the chemicals of cannabis into lotions, creams and everything else, the industry has moved out of the woodworks.

One of the most promising pieces of tech in the industry comes from

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