Marijuana by Mail: Neither Safe nor Sensible

Pot by post has been a thing for some time now. Even prior to legalisation across much of the United States, it wasn’t exactly difficult to find somebody somewhere selling cannabis online. Today, buying and selling pot via the web is easier than ever before. Whether on the lookout for Star Tonic or a batch of the fabled Hellfire Strain, it’s all right there for the taking.

Unfortunately, marijuana by mail isn’t quite the no-brainer it appears to be. In case you hadn’t already figured it out, current legislation governing cannabis distribution and use in the US isn’t exactly what you’d call simple. It’s quite to the contrary – there are hundreds of complex clauses complicating the whole thing.

One of which being selling and receiving cannabis by mail. Just because you can send or receive cannabis by post doesn’t necessarily mean you should. In fact, it’s neither safe nor sensible to get involved in any kind of marijuana mail transactions.

Until you obtain the necessary licence or radical new legislation is rolled out, the whole pot by post thing will continue to be a (very) bad idea.

Still not convinced? Here’s why buying or selling cannabis by mail

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