Man Sentenced to Life For Two-Dime Bags Released after 12 years

CANNABIS CULTURE – Fate Vincent Winslow, a Louisiana man sentenced to life in prison for selling twenty-dollars worth of cannabis to an undercover cop — has been released.

Winslow, 53, was arrested in September of 2008 in Shreveport, Louisiana.

At the time, he had been homeless and was looking to get his life together. The officer, in plain clothes, offered him a five-dollar bonus to be the middleman in the transaction. The officer also asked for a prostitute, which Winslow did not procure. 

Back then, Winslow had no history of selling drugs and was not a known drug dealer. The dealer that sold Winslow the two dime bags, who was white, was not arrested despite having the marked $20 bill on his person and the officer witnessing the transaction.

Fate Vincent Winslow enjoys a coffee after his release.

After an hour of discussion in court, the 10 white jurors voted guilty, while the 2 black jurors voted not guilty. The state of Louisiana only requires 10 out of 12 jury members to agree to convict. 

Since Winslow had three strikes on his record over a span of 20 years, from

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