Magical Plants: An Honest Look at Psychedelics

CANNABIS CULTURE – In the summer of 2020, four patients with incurable cancer received psilocybin therapy to treat the anxiety and depression related to their cancer diagnosis.

At least one other person was allowed to use psilocybin to treat her long-standing depression issues by taking part in a similar treatment in November 2020. These patients are given a treatment purified psilocybin in a capsule, or pill, and are carefully monitored by doctors while under the effects.

Psychedelic drugs — now more popular than ever.

The new book, Magical Plants: An Honest Look at Psychedelics will explore the history of drugs and plants that were used in both ancient, and modern times. Some of these plants can help us reconnect to our history, to ourselves, and to the people around us. It’s time we follow the example of ancient cultures and find a way to use these psychedelics in a controlled, responsible way to help our communities grow and thrive. 

Psychedelics have become the latest breakthrough in mental health treatment. Drugs that were once thought to have no value, like psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and even cannabis, are now being seen as the next wave of “wonder-drugs” and medicines that might

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