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“Juuling,” “ghosting,” “vape pen,” “e-juice…” You’re not alone if you have no idea what these terms mean. However, the Carbondale Police Department and local county health departments are urging adults to pay close attention to this lingo as it relates to a growing epidemic of nicotine addiction among youth.

It all comes down to the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor, or aerosol, produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device. E-juice, e-liquid, or vape juice is the liquid inside the pod which is heated up, turned into an aerosol, and inhaled. The ingredients of the e-juice can vary, from flavored oil to marijuana to nicotine.

Mandy Ivanov, the Tobacco Control Program Coordinator for Garfield, Eagle and Pitkin Counties, spoke to about 50 community members at an informational meeting held at Carbondale Middle School last month. According to Ivanov, the most common substance that teens are vaping these days is nicotine.

Vaping nicotine is particularly concerning since it poses numerous health risks in addition to being extremely addictive, readily accessible to youth, and easy to hide from adult eyes.

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