Leicester, MA’s Marijuana Dispensary is so Successful, Residents are Getting Angry

Massachusetts’ two legal recreational cannabis dispensaries have continued to attract long lines of customers one week after opening — and some neighbors are at their wit’s end. An emergency meeting was held on Monday night in the 11,000-person Worcester County town of Leicester to discuss how the Cultivate dispensary can better manage the epic crowds of eager cannabis consumers.

“It’s just much busier than we thought, which is great,” Leicester town administrator David Genereux told Channel 7 News Boston. “Certainly, the town benefits and we’re very happy to have Cultivate here.” Town officials told CBS News that they will be implementing additional emergency measures this weekend to keep local traffic navigable.

Last week two dispensaries, Cultivate and Northampton’s New England Treatment Access made history when they became the first Massachusetts retail outlets for recreational marijuana. On that first day, local police estimated that somewhere between 600 and 1,000 Cultivate customers were happy to wait in the winter temperatures to score everything from vape pens to edibles. The business knew it would be popular, even going so far as to set up an auxiliary parking lot, along with a shuttle service that would deposit customers at the newly expanded pot shop.

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