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Photo by Chris Lundy

By Kimberly Bosco and Chris Lundy

OCEAN COUNTY –  Despite advertising, e-cigarettes often contain more than just flavored water. With the increasing popularity of vapes among the younger generation, schools have begun to adopt no-vaping policies that align with no-smoking policies on campus. Additionally, they have had to address the fact that many students are using e-cigarettes to smoke marijuana derivatives.

A study published in 2015 by the World Health Organization showed that many e-cigarettes contained nicotine even if they claimed they didn’t. Studies found other things in them, such as metals, microscopic particles, and carcinogens.

At Southern Regional High School, Principal Eric Wilhelm said that the vaping policy is almost identical to that of the smoking policy, in that it forbids the use of the product on school grounds. He noted that the traditional smoking policy has been extrapolated to include vaping.

This no-smoking sign is posted at Beachwood Elementary School. (Photo by Chris Lundy)

What makes the two smoking policies different is that, students who get caught

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