Jamestown High School Warns of ECig Dangers After Nicotine Poisoning – KFGO

IN THIS PODCAST: Jamestown High School Principal Adam Gehlhar & Neil Charvat, from the ND Health Department, join IT2 to talk about an incident which caused the Health Department to release a statement on the dangers of e-cigarettes. 

Jamestown High School Assistant Principal John Conway fell very ill and suffered nicotine poisoning after coming in contact with vaping “juice”, which he had seized from a student. 

Gehlhar says as the use of vaping by teens continues to grow, and so does the education of his teachers and administrators. 

In the 2017 North Dakota Youth Risk Behavior survey, 20.6% of students said they had used a vaping device to ingest nicotine at least once in the last month and 41% said they had tried it. While there is no linear change to the number of teens using – or having used – vaping devices (*correction to what was said during the podcast), the numbers of those smoking cigarettes  continues to decrease

Click here to read more from the Jamestown Sun. 

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