Is vaping among students in NK a growing problem? –

To the Editor:

There is an underlying issue with teens in this day in age. More and more, people are beginning to vape, and the school policy seems to have little effect on it. 

I talked to one of the administrators at   North Kingstown High School. Mrs. [Donna] Sweet told me that the school doesn’t get much input into the regulations because they are made by the state assembly. The students caught vaping in school just meet with the school counselor to talking about vaping and their issue. 

Students are just going to keep vaping in school unless they are told about its negative effects. The materials in the vape and its juice have been known to have cancer-causing materials. Also, people who vape for a long period of time began to develop a smokers cough. 

All of the students who vape are spending money just about every week on something to do with the vape, and that money could be coming to something better. The worst thing that can be brought on because of vaping is popcorn lungs.

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