Infused Relief (CBD for Post-Workout Discomfort)

CANNABIS CULTURE – It comes as no surprise that regular exercise enhances good health, but staying committed to a physically active lifestyle isn’t as easy as you might think. Muscle soreness frequently emerges after an intense workout, and makes it difficult to continue to exercise when your body is already experiencing discomfort. Fortunately, CBD may be of great benefit to workout recovery, as it helps ease the aches and pains while also promoting relaxation.

Why your muscles hurt after exercise

When you work out, your muscle fibers become strained and develop tears on a microscopic level. Your body immediately starts to heal this damage, which is a necessary part of building muscle. The repaired muscle fibers will be stronger and more resistant to tears in the future thanks to the adaptive properties of muscle restoration. During this healing process, the microtears will become inflamed as increased blood flow is sent to the muscle fibers. This is often the reason that many people experience soreness and swelling after a strenuous exercise.

How to use CBD as a workout recovery

CBD oil has many uses when it comes to symptom relief, especially for those suffering with pain and inflammation. When using CBD

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