Illinois Collects $62 Million in Cannabis Revenue to Support Neighborhoods

Illinois has reportedly collected a total of $62 million in cannabis tax funds to support impoverished neighborhoods in the state. However, some are getting frustrated because the money has not yet been spent to give back to the community. 

This is due to delays in the state’s system to grant new cannabis licenses, as well as many requesting a piece of the pie from the cannabis funding. Like many other aspects of bureaucracy since COVID-19 hit, the pandemic is also partially to blame for the delay. Still, many are eager to see the money get spent. 

“I’m certainly hoping those dollars get out as soon as possible,”  said state Sen. Heather Steans, who backed legalizing cannabis in Illinois from the beginning. “We did a lot to make this the most equitable cannabis system in the country. … We haven’t seen the results yet we wanted in any of those areas, so we obviously need to stay on it.”

The Funds And Where They’re Meant To Go

In 2020, the state collected more than $175 million in cannabis taxes. The breakdown of that gives 35 percent of the money to a General Fund for the state, 25 percent for community development,

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