ICYMI: More Changes to City of Los Angeles Cannabis Laws and Regulations

The City of L.A. has had no shortage of tweaks and changes to its cannabis laws and regulations over the past four years. Admirably, as industry issues have arisen, the City and its Department of Cannabis Regulation (“DCR“) have tried to keep pace. At times though, that pace has been glacial much to the chagrin of cannabis businesses in the City. These recent round of changes though will hopefully make life easier for L.A.-based cannabis businesses.

In case you missed it, back in June, the City instituted some fairly significant changes to Articles 4 and 5 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (“LAMC”). In particular, the Los Angeles City Council adopted Ordinances No. 187094 and No. 187095 (effective July 1, 2021), respectively, modifying the City’s 2017 location restrictions for commercial cannabis activity, including minor changes to the way certain sensitive sites are defined, as well as to the rules for grandfathering of Existing Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (“EMMDs”), and further detailing/amending the PCN process as well as modifications to license applications, Temporary Approval, requests for changes to the business, and certain social equity standards (among other things).

Here are the highlights from Ordinance No. 187094:

Modifies the definition of “Public

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