How vape culture is breaking into the Revolutionary City – Williamsburg Yorktown Daily

Tracy Musgrove stands at her vape shop, Colonial Vapes, in Norge. (Sarah Fearing/WYDaily)

Six years ago, Tracy Musgrove’s husband, Dustin, was smoking two or three packs of cigarettes per day.

Then he found vaping — and quit smoking cigarettes for good.

Dustin’s success was something the Illinois couple wanted to share with others — and decided to start their own vape shop, Revolutionary Vapes, in Williamsburg.

While Williamsburg’s demographics might defy the “typical” vape culture, Musgrove says a professional, welcoming shop is the key to unlocking the vape industry in Williamsburg.

In Musgrove’s eyes, vaping is not just for young “20-somethings” who frequent concerts or go longboarding — it’s for military veterans who have smoked for decades, people who need to quit smoking so they can have life-saving surgeries, and elderly people looking to prolong their lives — and she says that fits right in with Williamsburg.

“We have people come in here with walkers,” Musgrove said. “We want them and others to feel comfortable in our store.”

Musgrove’s husband passed away in December from non-smoking-related causes, but she is now working

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