How to Get High on the Planet of the Vapes – Seattle Weekly

Vape pens are this generation’s version of a “sneak-a-toke,” and they are quickly becoming the go-to form of consuming cannabis for many folks. The good folks at Eaze, a massive cannabis delivery service in California, reported a 400 percent jump in sales of vape supplies between 2015 and 2016. And while vaping is a convenient and private form of ingesting weed, it’s not perfect. Let’s get caught up to speed on the highs and lows of this latest cannabis trend.

Vape pens are super discreet. They usually give off little to no scent, and it’s impossible to tell a cannabis vape pen from a tobacco vape pen without a close inspection. Vape pens are also incredibly convenient. You only need one hand to use one, you never need a lighter or papers, you just pull out your pen and inhale. You do, of course, need a little electricity now and then, but most pens will hold a charge for weeks at a time. And vape pens provide a pretty consistent dose time after time. Once you know what a single

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