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In a span of four years, Avail Vapor’s chief executive and co-founder, James Xu, above, has grown the company to 102 stores in 12 states. ASH DANIEL On the other side of the broad glass windows, masked workers in protective bunny suits run a small assembly line. They’re preparing “e-liquid” – a concoction of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and one of 200 flavors – so it can be poured into 15- or 60-milliliter glass bottles with eye-dropper caps. It’s an elaborate production that has an ultimate goal: romanticizing the science behind Avail’s vapors.

The flavors are exotic and whimsical sounding, such as “Tortuga,” with a taste resembling Key lime pie and rum, and “Cascade,” which blends watermelon flavor with lemonade. On the company’s website, where roughly 70 flavors are marketed at a time, the chemical cocktails are given detailed descriptions, similar to those in a boutique catalog. For example, “Stargazer” promises a heavenly experience:

At company headquarters in Midlothian, left, Avail showcases its vaping devices and other products with a

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