How Cheap Can Legal Marijuana Get?

When legal recreational marijuana sales began in the Pacific Northwest in 2014, prices were as high as $30 per gram for flower.

“My hope is on my home state of Oregon to ramp up production and bottom-out prices,” I wrote for High Times. “I want to see a $50 legal ounce before 2020, dammit!”

That is exactly what has happened. The picture above is a billboard on the boulevard near my home, Delta-9 House & Studios, here in Portland, Oregon.

You read that right. $5 per eighth – not $5 per gram. We’re talking about a store where you may walk in and purchase a $40 ounce of Oregon-grown cannabis flower.

Russ Belville/High Times

Just eight blocks from my home, there is an electronic billboard for another cannabis shop. It is advertising flower starting at $10 per eighth, up to $24 per eighth.

So, even the top-shelf flower here is coming in at $192 per ounce.

Keep in mind, these are prices that are including 20 percent in taxes. That means the $5 eighth is actually priced three cents less than $4.20.

Russ Belville/High Times

The crashing flower prices also mean cheaper concentrates. That same electronic

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