How Cannabis Can Help Seniors Improve Their Quality Of Life

Senior citizens can enjoy a heightened quality of life thanks to the immense, versatile therapeutics of cannabis. Whether you’re smoking, dabbing, vaping, or using CBD oil and infusions, there is always a way to get potent pain relief and a noticeable lift to your mood. If you’re open cured dried herbs, then there are endless strains of marijuana to choose from, each giving a profoundly different effect. Same goes for the various concentrations of cannabinoids in CBD-oils and extracts, as well as other products like edibles. Getting the medical benefits doesn’t mean that you need to get high, and if you do, there are tons of options for you. Let’s take a close look at how cannabis can help seniors improve their quality of life.

Cannabis improves mental acuity & supplies a neuroprotective effect

THC is showing potential as a therapeutic agent in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other clinical conditions of cognitive decline. Studies show that low doses of THC directly interact with the amyloid beta peptides inhibiting their aggregation. These peptides are found in high concentrations in Alzheimer’s patients leading researchers to believe that regular supplementation will slow the onset and possibly prevent

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