Health officials warn of teens using new “Juul” e-cigarettes – Fox17

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WEST MICHIGAN, Mich.– An alarming trend among young people has health officials concerned. With more teens experimenting with e-cigarettes, there’s a new device called a “Juul” on the rise. Some teens are bringing them to school and even using them in class.

Health officials say vaping is one of the biggest threats to teen health right now. Many teens think it’s safer to smoke e-cigarettes, but those same officials say it’s most definitely not.

“Juuling is kind of the new latest and greatest thing that’s out there that we’ve heard a lot about over the past week,” said Dr. Lisa Lowery, adolescent medicine specialist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. “The concern about the juul is that it looks very similar to a USB post.”

It’s a discreet type of e-cigarette that much resembles a USB stick. It can be charged through a computer or USB port.

“It’s become very popular,” said Lowery. “I think a lot of people are under the impression that it’s safer than cigarette

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