Greece Issues First Licenses to Produce Medical Cannabis

On Monday, Greece gave out its first two medical cannabis cultivation licenses to the private companies Biomecann and Bioprocann. The licenses mean both companies can begin growing cannabis in Greece, which many expect will produce hundreds of new jobs and attract domestic and international investment. The pair of licenses are just the first of 14 Greece’s Economy and Development Ministry will issue by the year’s end.

Greece Will Issue More than a Dozen Private Retail Licenses by Year End

Biomecann, based in central Greece in Larisa, and Bioprocann, based in Corinth, are just the first private cultivation companies that have received licenses. By the end of the year, officials say they will issue another twelve. Licenses will be good for five years with annual renewals. All 14 licensed cultivators represent more than $212 million USD in investment and could create more than 750 jobs, according to Reuters.

Medical patients in Greece have had access to cannabis prescriptions since 2017, when the country became the sixth in the EU to legalize.  Soon after, Greece open up to medical cannabis imports and revitalized its stagnant hemp industry. And in March of this year, the country legalized domestic cultivation and production of medical

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