Governor of New York Announces Proposal To Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis

Will 2021 finally be the year that New York embraces marijuana legalization? Wednesday’s announcement from the state’s governor, Andrew Cuomo, qualified as an encouraging development—though New Yorkers probably shouldn’t start dreaming of dispensaries in the East Village just yet. 

In a statement, the Democratic stalwart said he is prepared to unveil “a proposal to legalize cannabis and create an equitable adult-use cannabis program in [New York state],” a program he said would “generate much-needed revenue, while allowing us to support those that have been most harmed by decades of failed cannabis prohibition.” 

Cuomo will further detail the proposal in the governor’s annual “State of the State” address next week. 

Stop us if you have heard that before. 

Previous Attempts

Cuomo called to legalize recreational pot in his “State of the State” address last year, announcing the proposal as part of a sweeping reform package he said would help New York realize its destiny as “the progressive capital of the nation.”

A month after announcing that proposal, Cuomo said he was off to visit a number of states that had already done away with pot prohibition in the hopes of learning more.

“Everybody has a plan, but can you actually get

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