Generation Vape: Teens Drawn to E-cigarettes – Daily North Shore

Bubble pop, zebra stripe gum, yummy bear, Swedish candy. What sounds like an assortment of enticing candy are in fact flavors of liquid used for vaping, which is on the rise among middle school and high school students across the country.

“It’s not just for kids who have been drinking or smoking before,” said Andy Duran, Executive Director of LEAD, a nonprofit organization based in Lake Forest dedicated to preventing alcohol, drug use and other at-risk behavior in youth.

According to Duran, kids who otherwise have not experimented with alcohol or drugs are trying vaping for the first time, because e-cigarettes are trendy, taste good and don’t smell bad. Kids are drawn to vaping because it looks “cool,” is endorsed by celebrities and athletes, and comes in flavors that appeal to adolescents, Duran said.

E-cigarettes or vapes — rechargeable devices that have a refillable tank that holds a liquid flavor compound, aka “juice” — first hit the market in 2003. E-juice, which may contain nicotine, marijuana, as well as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and other ingredients, is vaporized by a

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