Former NFL Superstar Rob Gronkowski Gets Into The CBD Industry

Former New England Patriots great Rob Gronkowski left the door open—just a little—to potentially returning to the National Football League someday. But for now, the man known simply as “Gronk” to legions of fans says he’s ready to be the new face of a CBD company.

Gronkowski, who retired from the Patriots earlier this year at the age of 29, announced Tuesday at a news conference in New York that he is partnering with Abacus Health Products, a company that makes a line of CBD-derived topicals and ointments.

CBD is banned by the NFL, as well as other major professional sports leagues—a point that Gronkowski addressed.

“I’m advocating for CBD to be acceptable for all players for recovery,” he said. “You can just call me Mr. Recovery. You know you like that name. Mr. Recovery, baby.”

In his nine-year playing career, all with the Patriots, Gronkowski was a four-time all-pro and won three Super Bowls, all while carving out a legacy as one of the most dominant to ever play the tight end position. But his career was also marked by significant injuries, which slowed him down on the field and ultimately led to his early retirement.

At the event

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