Florida University Developing Program To Teach School Kids About Medical Marijuana

It would go to figure, with the growing number of states where cannabis is legal, that educators are grappling with how to talk about marijuana with students in school. After all, the transition from the era of “Just Say No” messaging about how drugs are bad to this brave new world where cannabis products are available in the mall and corner pharmacies takes some explaining, even for the grown.

Happily, some school districts are getting out in front of the issue. On Thursday, officials announced that Florida A&M University is currently working on a program to bring cannabis education to K-12 students.

Patricia Green-Powell, the interim director of FAMU’s medical marijuana research and education wing, presented the plan to the state senate’s appropriations committee. The way she sees it, the programming will be a key educational tool for kids looking to understand the world around them.

“We know from the research that was conducted by the Pew Charitable Foundation, 2.9 million children are living with grandparents,” she said. “Grandparents – not saying all of them – perhaps may use medical marijuana. They’re in the care of their children. And if a child asks, grandmamma, granddaddy, what’s that?”

The plan revolves

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